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when ur left alone in an unfamiliar room


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Me checking my final grades on the internet:


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If you're a virgin how do u keep a guy? Like don't they get fed up?


I mean My last relationship was when I was in 10th grade he respected the fact that I was a virgin. He didn’t just want me for sex. I choose not to be in a relationship right now. If I ever get in one trust me it’ll be with someone who respects my decision to be a virgin right now. I’m honestly focusing on myself and preparing to set myself up for success right now. I’m after the money and If a great guy happens to come along the way then I’m not against it as long as he knows my priorities is to make sure myself is taken care of so I can have my own and not have to struggle. In other words sex shouldn’t be the reason a guy is sticking around you. He should respect your morales and like you for who you are not because of sex.